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Robin Mesnage

Computational Toxicologist, King's College London


I am lead data scientist for the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic, which specialises in therapeutic fasting.

Researcher at King’s College London, I study health effects of food contaminants using high-throughput ‘omics’ methods. My main focus is the toxicity of pesticides, but I also do some research on other food contaminants such as plasticizers. I am also involved in research studies testing the effects of different nutritional interventions on human health.

Scientific Editor

I am the Section Editor of the Environmental Toxicology Section of All Life. We publish on environmental health, ecotoxicology, immunotoxicity and associated subject areas. I am also Associate Editor of Toxicology Reports and Frontiers in Public Health. I have authored and edited the book Herbicides: Chemistry, Efficacy, Toxicology, and Environmental Impacts which offers a comprehensive overview of herbicide toxicology presented by internationally recognized experts.